CEO / Commercial Director


Certificates Held:

  • Doctor Philosophy PhD/ Maritime Studies – University  Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)/Malaysia 2020/2021- Present
  • MBA /2010-2012, Middle East University (MEU) – Jordan
  • First Class Master Mariner II/2, F.G (JULY/1988), A.M.T.A – Egypt.

Employment History

Master Mariner High Seas 1977-1988 Arab Academy for Maritime Transport / Alexandria, served on merchant ships for 21 years.

Diploma in Maritime Law 2005/2007 Metropolitan University / London.

MBA 2010-2012 Middle East University / Jordan.

Board member and former General Manager of JNSL of Jordan

Served as a board member in many marine and other companies

– A full-time lecturer at the Jordanian Academy of Marine Studies and head of the Department of Marine Studies in 2009-2011.

– Founder and General Manager of Tehama Marine Shipping Services & Agencies – Dubai / UAE 2012-2015.

– Representative of Jordan as board member of The Arab Bridge Maritime Company and former technical advisor 2106-2017.

 – A full-time lecturer at Al Balqa Applied University/Aqaba Maritime Education and Training Center as Head of the Maritime Studies Department and Head of the Marine Science Department at Aqaba University College from 2015 to 2019.

– International Chamber of Commerce ICC Certified Trainer for Incoterms 2020

– Certified Trainer in Logistics by European Logistics EJLog.

– Associate Fellow member / London Maritime Institute AFNI

– Chairman of The Board of Directors of Phoenicia Maritime Shipping Services

– Certified Expert Trainer / Arab Trainers Union / Council of Economic Unity of the Arab League

– Doctor Philosophy PhD/ Maritime Studies – University  Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)/Malaysia 2020/2021- Present